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100% Traditional Herbal Hair Tonic

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Processed from various Chinese herbs recipes, the concentrated Chinese herbs provide active nutrients to regenerate cells, boost hair growth, effectively control oil excretion, prevent baldness. It is the best 100% Traditional Herbal Hair Tonic for hair g

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Processed from various Chinese herbs recipes, the concentrated Chinese herbs provide active nutrients to regenerate cells, boost hair growth, effectively control oil excretion, prevent baldness. It is the best 100% Traditional Herbal Hair Tonic for hair growth, scalp and hair care. The product helps to thoroughly cleanse chemical residue in the hair.



Made from various traditional herbal

Rejuvenate scalp tissue and promote hair grow.

Suitable for urban citizen because easy to carry

Rejuvenate scalp tissue; suitable for dailyuse.

Complete removal of chemical residue.



Rejuvenate hair in the telogen phase.

Activate follicles and promote hair grow.

Repair hair capelin for better hair tenacity.

Improve blood circulation, balance immune system.

Scalp tissue anti-aging.

Soften scalp cuticles (dead skin).

Intensive care for follicle leads to betterpore breathing.


Direction of use:

Blow the hair dry after wash, spray 100% Traditional Herbal Hair Tonic on your hair scalp. Use fingers to gently massage your head to helps penetration of hair lotion into scalp.



Q: What is a healthy scalp?
A: A healthy scalp should be free fromdandruff, relaxed, non-itchy and stay fresh longer.

Q:What are the characteristics of healthyhair?
A: Healthy hair should have strong root, moistand full of lustre, and non-greasy.

Q:What causes unhealthy scalp and hair?
A:As scalp and hair are organic tissues, theyare subject to many external factors which affect their health. Basically,pollutants such as water, dust, hair dye could potentially increase the‘poisoning’ rate of scalp and hair causing various scalp and hair problems.

Q: Why is it necessary for scalp care andtreatment?
A: Everyone irrespective of age faces hair lossproblem. Factors such as sickness, fatigue, medication would disturb the scalpblood circulation, which directly affect the hair life cycle, causing hairloss. In addition, factors such as air and water pollution, emotion, exposureto ultra violet and free radicals also affect and cause thinning hair. To addsalt to injury, chemicals like hair dye and perm could cause direct damage toscalp. As such, scalp care and treatment couldn’t be more important.

Q:What is normal hair loss and abnormal hairloss?
A: Loss of 100 hair strands a day is considerednormal while over that number it is considered abnormal. There are many causesto hair loss, commonly including lack of sleep, stress, oily scalp, medicationand wrong choice of shampoo. There are also many ways to treat hair loss.However, I recommend the use of MB Concept hair care series to suit your hairtype to prevent hair damage and subsequent hair loss.

Q: Would it be too late to seek treatment whenbalding occurs?
A: As long as follicle is still alive, there isa cure. Timing is important here to treating hair loss. Once thinning hairoccurs and scalp is visibly exposed, you should seek treatment immediately. Aslong as follicle is still alive, hair root can be strengthened and hair lifecycle be prolonged. Dying follicle cannot grow hair.

Q:What causes split end and how to treat splitend?
A: Two factors cause split end: human factorand chemical. Human factor means mistakes in hair care handling such as use ofhair curler or straightener. While chemical includes over dye and perm. Thebest way to treat split end is to cut out the split end and apply treatment.After treatment, it is recommended to use conditioner after shampooing toprevent recurrence of split end. Appropriately hair mask can also be used tocare and restore damaged hair.

Q: What causes scalp allergy? What do we doabout it?
A:There are many causes of scalp allergy suchas too frequent shampooing, wrong choice of shampoo, metabolism disorder,stress etc which are the common ones. Dry scalp is one of the factors thatcould easily give rise to allergy. In this regard, MB Concept Shampoo andLavender Scalp Moisturizing Conditioner are specially formulated to treat scalpallergy. The 100% traditional herbal formulation is able to reduce the dry andallergic condition of scalp, restore hair elasticity, increase hair density,anti-aging of scalp and prevent hair loss.

Q: Is diet help in hair care?
A:Yes! Generally, consumption of food rich inVitamin B complex, C, E like corn, green vegetables, wheat, milk, egg,sunflower seed, jujube etc could provide nutrients to the hair, repair damaged hairand make hair stronger.

Q: Will keep hair always split in one side causebalding?
A: If you always keep splitting your hair in a particularside, that particular area of the scalp will be exposed to more ultra violet damagein the long run and cause more hair loss in that area. As such, it is goodpractice to change side every time after shampooing. This is easy to achieveusing a blower and a comb.

Q: Is it good to shampoo every day?
A: More frequent shampooing doesn’t meanbetter, you need to adjust the frequency according to the scalp condition. Foroily hair, I recommend daily shampooing. But for neutral and dry hairs,shampooing every two days is recommended. A little tip here: during shampooing,use your fingers to gently push against the pores on the scalp to get bettercleansing result!

Q: How to choose the right shampoo?
A: For dry hair, choose plant oil-based shampoos;for oily hair, use shampoos meant for oily hair while for neutral hair, thereis no specific requirement. Many all-in-one shampoos in the market do not workas expected. It is still better to stick to separate shampoo, moisturizer andconditioner for your hair.

Q: Is anti-dandruff shampoo suitable for longterm use?
A: Due to the treatment nature of anti-dandruffshampoo, it is not suitable for long term use.

Q: What to do when there is dandruff?
A:There are a number of causes to dandrufflike scalp oil, malassezia and skin fungus. Fungus feed on sebum, which thenproduce excretion that disturbs the scalp, causing dandruff. Dandruff willultimately lead to hair loss. As malassezia fungus causes unhealthy and itchyscalp, scratching will only damage the protective cuticle and weaken the hair,and cause hair loss.

Q: Whatcauses hair loss?
A: A healthy person will shed 50-100 strands ofhair every day. If you find a total loss of hair in one particular area, thatis not normal. There are many reasons for this such as protein deficiency,irregular lifestyle etc. It is recommended to firstly regularize lifestyle andproper diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and food rich in protein, calciumand collagen as well as regularly massage scalp to promote better bloodcirculation.

Q: Perm and dye hair, which one first? Can thatbe done at the same time?
A: Some people request to do perm and dye atthe same time because they are in hurry, but this could damage the hair. Afterperm, it’s best to allow a week interval before doing hair dye in order tominimize burdening the hair. If you must do it in one go, I would recommend toperm first before dye, this will ensure no discoloration. For better result, itis best to do hair treatment first before perm and dye.

Q: Why is scalp so greasy?
A: Some people have oily scalp but no dandruff.This condition could be caused by weather, dietary and hygienic. For suchcondition, it is recommended to use rosemary and lavender plant oil-basedshampoo, regular lifestyle, improve diet with less hot and spicy food.

Q: How to make hair grow faster and healthier?
A: To make hair grow fast and healthy, theforemost thing is to ensure a hygienic hair, cleaning hair and scalp regularly.Only with healthy scalp hair grow can be accelerated. Then it is necessary toproperly care and avoid damage to hair. To ensure healthy hair grow, perm anddye should be avoided to a minimum to avoid hair damage. In addition, stay uplate, alcohol and smoking also hurt hair and affect hair growth rate. As such,it is important to refrain from alcohol and smoking and live a regularlifestyle. Massage hair scalp to stimulate the capillaries for better bloodcirculation and nutrient absorption, so that hair grows faster and hair losscan be prevented.

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