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Ville Acacia Wild Honey

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Acacia honey cleanses the liver, promotes intestinal health, and reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract.

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Ville Raw Wild Honey:

Ville Honey is harvested from beehives found in tall trees deep within the pristine tropical rainforests of Malaysia using an ecologically sustainable collection system. After the honey from these hives is extracted using tried and tested traditional methods to ensure purity, samples from each batch are sent to a reputable laboratory for Quality Assurance Tests to ensure that Ville Honey surpasses all the necessary Regulatory Requirements before being packed by a factory with registered Good Management Practice (GMP)

Acacia Honey

Acacia tree blossom which produce a honey that is remarkably clear and pure. It is one of the most popular and sweetest honey varieties because its mild delicate floral taste.

It can remain in liquid state for a long period time due to its high concentration of fructose. Because of its low sucrose content, it is a great choice for diabetics.

Inspite of its sweetness, Acacia honey has a very low sucrose content and a high fructose level, so it is the best choice for diabetics. It is known for its therapeutic qualities because it cleanses the liver, conditions the intestines, and is beneficial for the respiratory system due to antibacterial properties - another benefit of honey.

Benefit of Wild Honey:

People can develop seasonal allergies over time when they are continuously exposed to the allergens and pollens in the area where they live. The raw honey from local bees will contain small amounts of these pollens, and, when ingested, the honey will help to boost the body's immune system and reduce the symptoms of allergies.

Healing Wounds
Wild honey is beneficial in the treatment of wounds from abrasions, surgery, bed sores, ulcers from diabetes and many others. The success of healing wounds with honey is due to its antibacterial properties. The thickness of the honey helps to keep new outside infections from developing and to deter further advancement of existing infections. The moisture from the wild honey promotes healing with little scarring.

Treatment for Burns
Honey has an anti-inflammatory property and is beneficial in the treatment and healing of burns. It reduces the inflammation and pain of surrounding tissues and helps to speed up new skin cell growth. A burn wound dressing with honey is less painful to apply. It has more of a soothing effect with minor stinging in comparison to conventional antibacterial ointments. Applying and removing dressings from burns is less painful as the honey will not stick to the newly formed tissue.

Treatment for Diarrhea
Wild honey is beneficial in the treatment of bacterial diarrhea. Diarrhea, not only in humans, but also in animals, can be treated with honey mixed with water. This will help reduce the duration and severity of the diarrhea.

Digestion Benefits
Honey contains fructose and certain enzymes that, when ingested, helps to relieve indigestion, helps with the digestion process and helps to calm and heal an inflamed stomach lining.

950gm / bottle

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