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Black Face General Tea

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Reduce body heat, prevent cancer, Detoxification

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Black Face General and Sabah Snake Grass are both one of the most popular herbs in Malaysia. It is commonly used as as a tonic drink for general health.
This herbal drink consists mainly of Black Face General, professionally made into tea bags with Sabah Snake Grass and several other natural herbs.
Consume it everyday and see significant improvements in your health!

Good for:
• Reduce body heat, prevent cancer
• Detoxification
• Regulate sugar level in body
• Lower cholesterol level
• Soothes sore throat
• Regulate menstrual cycle
• Prevent premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Clear pimples
• Improves urination flow
• Dissolves gallstones
• Relieve cold symptoms

3.5gm x 30 sachet

Customer Reviews

Very Good Product Review by Ben Wang
I have serious sensitive issue of my skin and face with take medicine by daily,but after recommend by my friend to take this product, the sensitive issue of my skin become reduce happen in a few time only, I have stop using the medicine I take few year, replace by black face tea, this product is very good and I have recommend, thank YQ black face tea (Posted on 10/12/2016)

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