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Clovers Herbal Footpatch 2 patches

Product Code: CLV001

1 Night Detox to Reset you system, more than 1,000cc Detox ion, Enhance blood circulation, immune system, promote sleeping

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Product details of CLOVERS Herbal Footpatch

  • These are the MALAYSIA FIRST Herbal Footpatch made with all-natural, premium ingredients.
  • Carbon-titanium adhesives boost effectiveness by increasing bio-electricity and circulation
  • Tourmaline emits far infrared energy to cleanse and stabilize the nervous system.
  • Stimulates the Kidney 1 Meridian point on the sole of the foot to promote detoxification and relieve tension.
  • Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
  • Recommended 21days continous programme

By tapping into 60 acupuncture points located on the soles of your feet. Clovers Herbal Footpatch are designed to promote the natural detoxification of chemicals,toxins and heavy metal from your body.

Formulated with bamboo extracts, herbs, and toumaline and developed through years of medical research in Japan, Clovers Herbal Footpatch is Malaysia Best selling product.

These herbal footpatch are specially designed to aid your body in chemical, toxic metal, and toxin removal by stimulating reflexology zones. Apply Clovers Herbal Footpatch to both feet before bed and let them work while you sleep. See the results in the morning and experience the benefits of cleansing from the inside out!


Every day, your body is assaulted by an onslaught of harsh toxins in the water you drink, air you breath, food you eat, and environment in which you live. When toxins accumulate over time, they strain your vital organs and allow nasty health issues to develop. Clearing your body of toxins may help you live a stronger and healthier life.

Main Ingredients: 

Natural bamboo extract powder, natural mineral fine powder loquat leaves, tourmaline, trace element, chitin, vitamin C, Vitamin E, orange essential oil

2 patches (10cm x 12cm)

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