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Clovers Honey Wheatgrass Powder 15's - Detox,Stimulate Circulation

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Wheatgrass is one of nature's most prized plants. The wheatgrass in Clovers Wheatgrass Powder is grown outdoors enabling natural sunlight and the rich fertile soil to promote the assimilation of nutrients in the developing shoots. As nutrient l

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Clovers Honey Wheatgrass Powder 

The Power of Wheatgrass

CLOVERS Honey Wheatgrass is a Super Food with 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 17 amino acids and more than 100 enzymes. One sachet of wheatgrass is as nutritionally valuable as 10 kilograms the choicest vegetables! Wheatgrass is loaded with antioxidants that keep cells protected and healthy. It promotes regular bowel movement and improves digestion with the use of natural oligosacharides that promote growth of good bacteria in your child's digestive system.Wheatgrass has more chlorophyll and alkaline minerals than any other green vegetable, protecting your child from sickness. It aids in their mental and physical development too!

Plus the Goodness of Honey

CLOVERS Honey Wheatgrass is fused with honey, an energy boosting natural sweetener that makes CLOVERS Honey wheatgrass taste like no vegetable!It's so good, you can take it iced, make shakes and smoothies your kids will love!


Treat Skin Disease

  • Wheatgrass can be used to cure skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Lose Weight

  • Wheatgrass is effective in managing the thyroid gland, whose function is crucial in avoiding weight gain.

Detox Your Cell

  • Wheatgrass may appear like a simple, dull grass, but it is actually among the most powerful natural detoxifying agents due to its high alkalinity.

Improve Immunity

  • Wheatgrass has exhibited the ability increase red blood cells in the body, which is why it is so effective in staving off disease and boosting immunity.

Stimulate Circulation

  • Wheatgrass has the ability to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, making it a great way to stimulate circulation.

Improve Digestion

  • From irritable bowel syndrome to ulcers, wheatgrass is a great tool to improving digestion. Wheatgrass even goes as far as cleaning your bowels of impacted matter and mucous.

Reduce Fatigue

  • Chlorophyll helps to increase oxygen supply in your body’s cells and tissues, contributing to cell regeneration, which heals the body and reduces fatigue symptoms.

Get Ridof Body Odor

  • Wheatgrass is a natural body deodorizer and regular consumption or application of wheatgrass can help to get rid of the stench naturally. Its juices have the ability to wash toxins from the mouth, skin, and body.

Cleanse the Liver

  • Wheatgrass is probably best known for its effects on the liver. The liver processes what the body ingests, and with its detoxifying properties, nutrients, and enzymes, wheatgrass is able to restore and revitalize the liver.

Stabalize Lipid Level

  • Wheatgrass improves lipid levels, which means it’s a great tool for managing high cholesterol.

Clear Sinus Congestion

  • Consuming wheatgrass or snorting wheatgrass juice through the nose helps to clear the sinuses by pulling toxins and breaking up mucus.

Heal Skin Irritation

  • The high alkalinity of wheatgrass helps to comfort and soothe skin irritations. Both topical application of wheatgrass juice and consumption of wheatgrass supplements work well.


Mix a sachet of Wheatgrass powder into 200ml water(temperature below 30C), stir well and ready to drink. Take 3 sachets daily.


Wheatgrass powder(including roots) ,Honey, Oligosaccharide


Store in dry place below 30C. Protect from light and moisture.


Keep out of reach of children.

MAL registration MAL050419711
HALAL certification
Vegetarian certified
GMP factory manufacturing
MESTI certified manufacturing
HACCP certified manufacturing
Made in Malaysia, guaranteed freshnest

20G x 15 Servings

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