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EcoHerbs Ginseng Extra Strength Serum – 100ML

Product Code: ECOH001

For Hair Growth & Hair Loss, Hair Thinning For Beginning, Serious & Critical Hair Loss Or Near Bald

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What It Can Does For You:

  • New baby hair re-growth
  • Stimulates new hair follicles
  • Add thickness and fullness and ending scalp show through
  • Nourishes hair structure to remain fresh & healthy
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How To Use:

Use the Ginseng Extra Strength or the Citrus Hystrix Serum (use only one) consistently once every night right after you have used the Hair re-born herbal shampoo. Wipe, clean and dry your scalp thoroughly.

Apply a generous amount on the problematic areas and sleep with it overnight. Our bodies rejuvenate and recharges themselves every night. The serums will then absorb naturally into your scalp to work together with your body in its rejuvenation process.

Alternatively, you can also use a medium sized paint brush to apply it onto your skin for a more even effect. Recommended for use consistently every night without using any other hair creams for maximum effect.

Can be used daily or every other day without any side effects.

Weight: 100ML

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