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EcoHerbs NeemCare Scalp Rejuvenation Shampoo - 200ml

Product Code: ECOH005

Help Softer, Bouncier Hair, For Flat/Dull/Dry Hair, Beginning Stages Of Hair Loss, Dandruff, Oily/Itchy/Dry/Flaky Scalp, Lice Problems

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What It Can Does For You:

  • Rich in neem extracts and aloe vera which conditions for softer texture and less frizzy hair
  • Stops beginning and mild cases of hair loss
  • Stronger, shinier, thicker hair
  • Treats mild cases of dandruff, scalp itchiness, oily and dry scalp
  • Nourishes hair structure to remain fresh and healthy


How To Use:

Apply the NeemCare Scalp Rejuvenation herbal Shampoo At Night.
- Wet your hair and apply generous amounts and leave NeemCare shampoo n hair for 4 -5 minutes to make sure that all the herbs, plants, enzymes and micro-organisms are fully absroped deep into your scalp before rinsing it off with water.
- Rinse, wash and dry to prepare for applicaion of the Neem leaf Serum thereafter. Can be used daily or every other day without any side effects.

Weight: 200ML

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