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COCO Veda Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil is colorless,has a mild fresh coconut aroma and a smooth after taste when swallowed. VCO is a healthy,raw and natural saturated fat with a high content of medium chain fatty acids,primarily lauric acid which is also found in mother's milk.Because of its anti microbial and anti viral properties,VCO is being refereed to as "The Healthiest Oil" on the planet and even as a "Super Health Food".

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Eosungcho Ferment is packed with varioys fermented whole food nutrients that work together to supply nutrients to nourish cells and at the same time clears away the wastes from cells,improves blood circulation and energizers the body naturally.Once the cells become healthy,it facilitates healthy body metabolism and digestion functions thus making food nutrients easily absorbed by the body bringing the body back to vitality.

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Walnuts are identified as one of the 14 "Superfoods" because of it's high Omega-3 content. Walnuts are the only nut that contain significant amount of Omega-3, which can convert to EPA & DHA in our body once consumed. A current study concluded that EPA & unsaturated fats found in walnuts are good for lowering the bad cholesterol level. Furthermore, EPA is also good nutrient for brain development.

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Tongkat Ali is sourced from the cirgin forests in Malaysia. These forest are virtually pollution free and are estimated to be 248 million years old. In addition to Tongkat Ali (which health benefits are known and well accepted), there is a wide variety of other herbs, medicinal plants and trees found in these forest. We select only the roots from wild species of the Tongkat Ali and not from the cultivated Tongkat Ali.

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