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Hei Huang BG Multi Grains - Natural Nutrition Drink

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Hei Huang BG Multi Grains blended with combination of 12 multi grains nutrition and 4 active ingredients to make you stay fit and healthy.

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Hei Huang BG Multi Grains is made of oat bran powder and combine concentrated nutrition such as CoQ10, natto powder ,black fungus plus broad range of specially selected grains,beans and nuts.This nutrition beverage is suitable for all ages.

Nutrition Fact

Servings Size:3 scoops(40g)

Items              Per Serving 40g         Per 100g          
Engery  158 kcal 395 kcal
Carbohydrate                  27.4g  68.6g
Total Sugar  6g  14.9g 
Protein  6.1g 15.2g 
dietary fiber 6.8g  16.9g
Beta glucan 3.0 g 7.5g
Saturated Fat 3.7g 9.2g
Trans Fat ND(<1.0g) ND(<1.0g)
Cholesterol ND(<1.0mg) ND(<1.0mg)
Sodium 34.6mg 86.5mg


2 scoops (30g) mix with 200ml of cold or warm water.It can mixed with honey or milk as desired.Take 3 scoops a day before meal or anytime convenient provide daily 3g beta-glucan.

Do not mix powder with hot water

oat beta glucan, peeled balck soya powder,fructose oligosaccharides,brown rice powder,black sesame powder,black rice powder,walnut powder,black currents,pines nuts,polyganum multiform,cereal powder,wheat fiber,nathokinase powder,black fungus powder,buckwheat,CoQ10.

The quality of this product is guaranteed up to 2 years after the time of production.Once container is opened,consume within 3 months.

No sugar added, No preservative,No coloring.

1 container X 500g

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