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HUO XUE BAO AN DAN 80's - Remedy for Hypertension

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Promote blood circulation, prevent vascular occlusion,improve myocardial ischemia, venous congestion, as a sedation and analgesia and reduce cardiac load.

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Prof. Wong Shook Phing's Self-Experimentation

In 1984, while attending to his patient, Prof. Wong Shook Phing was struck by a severe chest pain (angina), cold sweat, numbness in left arm, palpitations and shortness of breath symptoms. He was later diagnosed with complete blockage of the aorta at the left ventricle, causing myocardial necrosis, which according to the doctor, a cardiac bypass surgery would make no difference in improving the condition. On the face of this life-threatening condition, he tried a herbal remedy, which according to Chinese medical theory, could improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis. After three months of taking the Chinese herbal formula, his angina symptom improved gradually and after a year, the symptom was almost completely gone and he was fit as a fiddle. Since then, he had never taken any western medicines and started immersing himself in the research of traditional Chinese herbal formulas of the improvement of blood circulation improvement and removal of blood stasis. He gave interviews to numerous Chinese presses in Malaysia and thousands of patients had sought treatment from him.

At the same time, Prof. Wong was also invited to the Annual International Congress of Cardiology to present his highly applauded thesis titled "Blood Circulation and Stasis Improvements in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease". He had not only cured himself of cardiovascular disease but also during the conference he debunked with facts the myth that western medicine was the only way to treat cardiovascular disease and demonstrated that Chinese medicine is safe and free from any side effect. It was truly a proud achievement to the Chinese medical profession in Malaysia.

Prof. Wong was in the Malaysia's Chinese medical field for over 40 years and had ernomous contribution in the promotion of Chinese medicine, Chinese medical education and also he had served in various Chinese medical bodies. The legacy he left behind -- the Chinese medicine herbal formulas i.e. Hua Xue Bao An Dan Improved Formula, Hua Xue bao An Dan and Ping Gan Su -- is a life savor for many cardiac and liver patients.

Promote blood circulation and prevent vascular occlusion. For general healthcare.

Main Function:
- improve myocardial ischemia, venous congestion, as a sedation and analgesia and reduce cardiac load.
- improve chest tightness, precordial pain and cardiovascular disorders casued by blockage of the blood vessels.
- strengthen heart, lung and kidney functions (especially beneficial to hypertension and diabetic patients.)
- improve blood viscosity, promote blood circulation and angina pectoris.
- prevent cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and cerebral embolism.

Usage Direction :
4 capsules daily after meal.

Air tight and place in cool dry place

Ingredients: Danshen root, pseudoginseng, Chinese angelica, baical skullcap root, cortex moutan, red paeony root, safflower, heterophyllous falsetarwort root, Szechuan lovage rhizome.

Not suitable for pregnant woman.

Packaging: 80 capsules/bottle

Patient's testimony:

陈顺福, 78, a cardiac patient for 20 years (passed away in 2015)

陈顺福 was the principal of Kuala Lumpur Chung Hwa Independent High School for 36 years. In June 2014, he collapsed with a heart attack during a school opening ceremony and was rushed to Tung Shin Hospital and later transferred to Sunway Medical Centre for surgery. A coronary bypass surgery was performed and cost him RM62,000 hospital bill in the first month. 4 1/2 years later, he suffered from another vascular occlusion. This time he was referred by a friend 陈玉水to Prof. Wong's clinic, where he started taking Huo Xue Bao An Dan. After some time, he regained almost 70% of his strength and he could now speak loudly without breaking a sweat. During a post-hospital follow-up visit, doctor confirmed that his condition had improved tremendously. His stronger heart not only enabled him to cut down on hypertension medication but also completely recover from diabetes.

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