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Instant Ginseng BaZhan Soup

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ERA Bazhan ginseng soup can treat not only anaemia, dizziness and irregular menstruation, it also has many other healing properties and is suitable for consumption by young and elderly, males and females alike.

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Growing up, every Chinese girl would have tasted Bazhan nourishing soup prepared by her mother, with the reminder that 'Women who does not take nourishments age easily!' Therefore every lady ought to take nourishments, especially Bazhan soup after her monthly period. However, modern career women are starved for time and traditional tonic soups are a form of luxury they can hardly afford. 

Bazhan Ginseng Soup is the culmination of high standards of science research. Its convenient and hygienic packaging is suitable for the modern woman's fast pace of living, unlike traditional tonics which yields a large pot when cooked. Its compact volume also comes with the benefits of high and lasting efficacy, and is good for carrying around, consumption and storage, etc. Ladies, all you need is a bowl of rice or 180ml of boiling water, add in ERA Bazhan Ginseng Soup to mix and you can enjoy the goodness of this soup that is the secret of mothers!

The main ingredients of this soup consist of scientifically proven Chinese herbs including Dangui, Chuanxiong, Radix, and white peony root, ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria and licorice with ginger and dates which effectively conditions the intestines and stomach for better health. These ingredients also strengthens the body's Qi and blood circulation.

ERA BaZhan Ginseng soup can not only treat anaemia, dizziness and irregular periods, it also has many other healing properties that makes it suitable for consumption by young and old, females and males alike. The modern method of preparing Bazhan soup is markedly different from how it was done in the past – knowledge of its newfound medical properties have converted it from a Chinese herbal remedy to a nourishing tonic soup for regular consumption.

8gm x 10's x 1 Box

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