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Ladies Herbal Fermented Liquid - Support health for women

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Specific formula with premium collagen keep you resilient, rosy and bright. Outstanding beauty formula with selected precious collagen for skin resilience, rosiness and brightness

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By selecting fruits and vegetables with plenty of polyphenols for deep fermentation in association with precious collagen and calcium lactate added, the lady multi-phyto fermented liquid is a exclusive formulated supplement specific to outer youth and inner health for ladies. Having the liquid day by day tones your skin in a mild and subtle manner and renders resilience, rosiness and gloss to your skin, making you enjoy a bright and splendid look each day!

Processed bymicroorganism ferment technology with formulated nutrient fruits and vegetablesto form an extraordinary nutrition and active ingredients; that is particular forfeminine benefits performed

  • 1. Increase the strength and elasticity of skin
  • 2. Prevent bone loss
  • 3. Increase your antioxidant levels
  • 4. Improve circulation for cold hands and feet
  • 5. Maintain cellular andtissue growth and repair


  • 1. Natural fruits and vegetables
  • 2.Collagen
  • 3. Natural anthocyanin
  • 4. Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
  • 5.Calcium lactate

Natural nutrients obtained from natural fruits and vegetables through 540 days fermentation.

Suitable for: Supporting women.

How to use:

Take 30ml 1 to 3 times daily. Dilute the liquid with water, 5-8 times by volume.

720ml / 1 bottles

Made in taiwan

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