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EOSUNGCHO BALONA SAENG - Better Sleep & Stress Relieve

Product Code: ESC012

Essential for healthy brain & nerves health, emotional wellbeing and better quality of sleep.

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Better Sleep & Mood
Better Focus & Brain Functions
Stress Relieve

Usage Direction :
Take 1-3 scoops a day with cold or warm water.

- Keep in cool and dry place.
- Protect from heat, sunlight and moisture.
- Keep out of reach of (1-2 years old) children.

poor memory
brain & nerves
stress & emotional wellbeing

Suitable for:
Sleep problems eg. Insomnia
Anxiety, depression, overly stress
Poor memory
(> 2 years old) Children, pregnant women, working adult and older people

Ingredients: Soybean, Stabilized Rice Bran, Black Rice, Yeast powder, Glutinous Foxtail Millet, Orange, Apple, Eosungcho, Spinach powder, Cabbage powder, Radish Powder, glutinous Barley, Wheat germ, sorghum, Adlay, Pomegranate, Spirulina

  Per Serving 3g Per 100g
Calories 37 kcal 1233 kcal
Cabohydrate  6.0 g 66 g
Sugars 1.5 g 50 g
Protein 0.7 g 23 g
Fat 1.3 g 43 g
Cholesterol  0 mg 0 mg
Vitamin C 6.8 mg 227 mg

Made In Korea
No artificial colours, flavours or preservaties added

50g (617kcal)

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