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Khang Shen Misai Kucing Tea

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Misai Kucing had been widely used by the Dai folks for detoxification, diuretic, to get rid of kidney stone, to reduce urine acid and cure gouts. As the understanding of Misai Kucing gets deeper in the contemporary people, the application of Misai Kucing

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Misai Kucing or Cat’s Whiskers (Scientific name: Orthosiphon Aristatus) is also known as renal grass or fossil grass. It is a genus plant in Lamiaceae family.  The plant is named Misai Kucing (Cat’s whiskers) as its stamens that resemble cat’s whiskers. Its inflorescence is in round umbrella shape. The multi-layers inflorescence on the main stem and branches that form the raceme makes the plant looks exceptionally beautiful.

Misai Kucing is also known as kidney tea.  It has been widely consumed by the “Dai” people (A China minority group) with a history more than 2,000 years.  It is a renowned medicinal herb tea among the Dai people.

Misai Kucing had been widely used by the Dai folks for detoxification, diuretic, to get rid of kidney stone, to reduce urine acid and cure gouts.  As the understanding of Misai Kucing gets deeper in the contemporary people, the application of Misai Kucing has been expanded.  Misai Kucing Tea has stronger anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that help to reduce the damage on renal tubule and glomerular cell lesion reduction, increases the quantity of complete glomerular, helps in reducing injuries of the renal tissue and improve its function.  Misai Kucing also helps to increase the glomerular filtration and renal blood circulation while improves the toxic metabolites disposal and lowers blood uric acid in the body.

Misai Kucing helps greatly in the excretion and reduction of renal tissue toxic metabolites damage and heavy metal accumulation in the human body. Renal tissue function is restored and regulated through the kidney cleansing and flushing process. Dark colored and smelly urine will immediately be cleansed, like child’s urine. By drinking Misai Kucing Tea often, the liver function can be restored gradually. The kidney will be self-replenishing and grow stronger.  The positive therapeutic and health effects on kidney diseases and urinary system will bring the longevity impact!

Misai Kucing has been tested and contains no toxic. It contains calcium sulfate, volatile oils, glucoronic acid, calcium salts of organic acids, potassium saponins, meso-inositol etc.

The Efficacy of Misai Kucing :

1. Misai Kucing helps reduces water retention in the body
Misai Kucing is a diuretic that has been proven on its effectiveness.  It helps to get rid of excess water through urination.  Misai Kucing stands out from other diuretics as it does not cause electrolyte imbalance while discharging water. It contains large amount of potassium that helps supplement the loss of electrolyte while detoxification or discharging water. Misai Kucing is natural and gentle and does not cause pressure to the kidneys. It is totally different from general diuretic drug that causes side effects.

2. Misai Kucing purifies the kidneys and drains the toxins in the body.
Kidneys are the main detoxification organs of the body. Uric acid, wastes and acidic substances are discharged through urination.  Toxins accumulated in the body will cause serious health problems in long run, such as unexplained fatigue, acnes, deterioration of the immune system, aches and discomfort in various body parts, etc.   Misai Kucing is exceptionally good in purifying the kidneys, eliminating toxins and water retention in the body.  Its natural and gentle function is unlike certain diuretic drugs that increases the burden on kidneys.  It also does not contain adverse effects commonly seen in synthetic diuretics.


3. Misai Kucing helps against free radical attack
Misai Kucing is rich in polyphenols compounds, including flavonoids and saponins that play a powerful antioxidant effect that protect the body cells from free radical attack that damages substantial amount of DNA and cells.                 

Free radical  is one of the major causes of premature aging disorder (such as wrinkly skin, sagging skin, age spots, skin dullness and so on) and a variety of degenerative diseases (Such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and so on)

4. Misai Kucing helps reduces inflammation and symptoms of gout. 
Misai Kucing has been traditionally used to relieve pain and swelling caused by gout.  Its anti-inflammatory effect can help relieve swelling and pain discomfort, thus relieve joints and muscles pain symptoms.  In addition, it also helps in getting rid of the toxins and urine acid accumulated in the joints and muscles, while preventing irritation to these parts that that cause aches and inflammation. 

5. Misai Kucing helps balancing high blood pressure
Methlyripariochrome A (A natural ingredient found in Misai Kucing) has been clinically proven that it helps in reducing high blood pressure in many ways.
Misai Kucing can promote blood vessel wall muscle relaxation, relax or dilate blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure.
Misai Kucing helps regulates the heart beats, thus reduces the pressure on the heart.
Misai Kucing helps reduces excessive sodium (salt) through urination.  People suffer from high blood pressure due to excessive consumption of salts will surely benefit from drinking Misai Kucing.

6. Other benefits of Misai Kucing
- Reduces the level of cholesterol
- Regulates the level of blood sugar
- Prevents kidney stones
- Increases energy & physical fitness

Who Should Consume Misai Kucing, the Kidney Tea?

1. People with high blood uric acid and gout
People who have high blood uric acid and gout can benefit from drinking Misai Kucing.  It helps to eliminate uric acid in the body.  Gout can be gradually eliminated and health will be restored.  People with past history of gout and high uric acid, especially after consuming high purine food such as seafood, broth or beer should consume Misai Kucing Tea to cleanse their kidney in order to prevent the increase of blood uric acid level and avoid occurrences of gout. 

2. People with prostatic hyperplasia
Drinking Misai Kucing Tea can help people with Prostatic hyperplasia to increase their amount of urine and significantly reduces the phenomenon of frequent urinary and urinary leakage problem. 

3. People with urinary tract stones
Kidney stones, urethral stones, bladder stones and urinary stones patients can drink Misai Kucing Tea to help flush out the kidney stone.  Drinking Misai Kucing Tea often can help prevent stone recurrence and can restore the kidney health.

4. Smokers & drinkers
Regular smokers and drinkers should drink Misai Kucing Tea often in order to help promote the body metabolism and to get rid of the residues of alcohol & cigarettes intoxication in the body

5. People with hypertension & diabetes
Hypertension, diabetes and cancer patients with long-term medication can drink Misai Kucing Tea to relieve the side effects of drugs on the kidneys thus restoring the renal function.

6. Ordinary people
Phenomenon of oliguria, dark urine and foamy urine among the ordinary people signifies that it’s time to clean up their kidneys, bladder and urethra.  By drinking Misai Kucing Tea often can help in maintaining the kidney health and physical conditioning. 

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