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EOSUNGCHO PERSIMMON LEAF TEA - Control High Blood Pressure

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weak immunity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes & high blood sugar, asthma & sinus

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Normalize Blood Pressure
Rich in VITAMIN C (20x > lemon)
Caffeine Free

Usage Direction :
Boil 150ml of water to 100C and allow to cool down to about 80-90C.Then put 1 tea bag in a pot and brew for about 2-3 min.Drink the tea by dividing it about 3 times.
Brewed tea bag can be re-brewed with hot water up to 3 times.
Brewed presimmon leaf tea can be refrigerated and drunk as an ice tea.

weak immunity
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
diabetes & high blood sugar
asthma & sinus

Ingredients: 100% organic persimmon leaf

Made In Korea
No artificial colours, flavours or preservaties added

3g x 20 sachets

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