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Physician Wong Guo Lin

Expertise in the treatment of :

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Massage:
Muscle aches and dystrophy, aches and numbness of limbs, occipital neuralgia, vomiting, giddiness and tinnitus

Tendon injuries:
Sprains and ligament tears, etc

Neck, muscle strains, frozen shoulder, knee/arthritic pain, etc.

Internal Medicine:
General medicine, physical conditioning after tumour surgery and radiotherapy

Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menopausal syndromes

Physical Conditioning:
Diet, medication and wushu exercises

Experience :

Graduate from Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Doctor Wong is skilled in treating bodily pain in the neck, waist and leg regions using Traditional Tuina techniques; and conditions such giddiness, nausea and tinnitus caused by spinal dysfunctions, using spinal care and conditioning techniques. He is committed to the use of TCM principles and techniques to actively manage and relieve the symptoms of cancer; improve the quality of patient life alongside and to increase efficacy of mainstream cancer treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. His primary interest is the application of TCM principles within a treatment methodology of diet, medication, wushu exercises and conditioning, etc to optimize health and wellness.

Currently a member of the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Medicine Dealers Associations of Malaysia

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