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PING GAN SU - Strengthen Liver's Detoxification Function

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strengthen liver's detoxification function, help preserve a healthy liver, help activate liver cells, reduce body heat, treat jaundice, enhance bowel movement,prevent liver dysfunction

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Prof. Wong Shook Phing's Self-Experimentation

In 1984, while attending to his patient, Prof. Wong Shook Phing was struck by a severe chest pain (angina), cold sweat, numbness in left arm, palpitations and shortness of breath symptoms. He was later diagnosed with complete blockage of the aorta at the left ventricle, causing myocardial necrosis, which according to the doctor, a cardiac bypass surgery would make no difference in improving the condition. On the face of this life-threatening condition, he tried a herbal remedy, which according to Chinese medical theory, could improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis. After three months of taking the Chinese herbal formula, his angina symptom improved gradually and after a year, the symptom was almost completely gone and he was fit as a fiddle. Since then, he had never taken any western medicines and started immersing himself in the research of traditional Chinese herbal formulas of the improvement of blood circulation improvement and removal of blood stasis. He gave interviews to numerous Chinese presses in Malaysia and thousands of patients had sought treatment from him.

At the same time, Prof. Wong was also invited to the Annual International Congress of Cardiology to present his highly applauded thesis titled "Blood Circulation and Stasis Improvements in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease". He had not only cured himself of cardiovascular disease but also during the conference he debunked with facts the myth that western medicine was the only way to treat cardiovascular disease and demonstrated that Chinese medicine is safe and free from any side effect. It was truly a proud achievement to the Chinese medical profession in Malaysia.

Prof. Wong was in the Malaysia's Chinese medical field for over 40 years and had ernomous contribution in the promotion of Chinese medicine, Chinese medical education and also he had served in various Chinese medical bodies. The legacy he left behind -- the Chinese medicine herbal formulas i.e. Hua Xue Bao An Dan Improved Formula, Hua Xue bao An Dan and Ping Gan Su -- is a life savor for many cardiac and liver patients.

The unhealthy lifestyle of modern people such as being heavy smoker and alcoholic, over consumption of medicine, fruits and vegetable with additive, serious environmental pollution and toxin produced by human body jeopardize our health.

As a result, liver has to dissolve, purify and discharge there internal and external toxins from our body effectively. Symptoms like fatigue, pressure, decrease of immune system, sensitivity, lung damage or chronic liver inflammation weaken the detoxification functions of liver and cause excessive toxin accumulation in lover.

This leads to chronic fatigue syndrome where a person suffers from sore waist and knees, bitter taste, decrease sexual desire and hot-tempered.

Wong Shook Phing ( PEACE LIV ) helps to discharge toxin effectively by preserving and improving liver functions, activating lover cells and overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome.

Overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome and preventing abnormal liver functions. ( PEACE LIV ) also helps to reduce internal body heat, treat jaundice, protect liver and gall bladder, clam emotion, and improve bowel movement and detoxification:

-strengthen liver's detoxification function
-help preserve a healthy liver
-help activate liver cells
-reduce body heat
-treat jaundice
-enhance bowel movement
-prevent liver dysfunction. 

Usage Direction :
Four capsules daily after meal

Air tight and place in cool dry place

Ingredients: Heterophylly falsetartwort root, baical skullcap root, Chinese thorowax root, white paeony root, turmeric root-tuber, Chinese gentian, cape jasmine fruit, virgate wormwood herb, Chinese magnoliavine fruit, giant knotweed rhizome, swordlike atractylodes rhizome.

Do you have the following symptoms? (Liver health checklist)

Eyes dry or appears pale yellow 
Bad taste in mouth and increased thirst 
liver spots on face 
Unexplained feeling of irritability, anxiety and melancholy. 
Unexplained tiredness.
Bad breath and body odor. 
Weight loss 
Chest tightness, abdominal bloating 
Impatient, irritable, upset, worry 
Breast hyperplasia and gynecological problems 
Constipation, yellow urine

When you have more than three of the above symptoms, it's time to do something about it.

350 mg

80 capsules/bottle

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