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Reju Pueraria Mirifica - Bust Firming & Lifting

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Bust Firming & Aging, Bust Lifting, Prevent aging, Regulate & delaying monopause, Skin radiant, Hair regrowth and anti-cancer

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PUERARIA MIRIFICA Uses of Premium herbal found in South East Asia and use of advance manufacturing process to increase the active compound by using next generation of plant peptide which will hasten the absorption effect and enrich of nanotechnology.

Best for breast enlargement & lifting, regulate menopause, skin radiant

Bust Firming and Promote Breast Cell:
Pueraria Mirifica contains if rich Isoflavones and Estrogen can effectively stimulate and improve breast cell regrowth.   

Regulate Menstruation:
Pueraria Mirifica can regulates menstruation and prolong the monopause. 

Regulates Female Hormones:
Progesterone is the key to stimulate breast cell growth. It begins at the age of 12, when reached age 21, progesterone level gradually decrease. Pueraria Mirifica will regulates Progesterone hormone back again and re-stimulate secondary growth of breast cell. 

Skin Elasticity:
Improve cell elasticity and bust firming, that makes yourself more confidence and never ever feel the same before. 

Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica:
1. Bust Firming 
2. Bust Lifting
3. Skin Radiant
4.Prevent Aging
5. Beauty Effect
6. Delaying Menopause 
7. Regulate Hair Regrowth 
8. Regulate Menopause
9. Anti Cancer 

12 Active Ingredients:
Genistin, Miroestrol, Deoxymiroestrol, Daidzein, Stigmasterol, Coumestrol, Genistein, ß-stitosterol, Mirificoumestan, Mirificine, Campesterol, Kwakhurin.

2 times daily, 1-2 capsures  

Use after 5th days of menstrual period. Do not use when close to menstrual period.
Not suitable for pregnant women/ breast feeding moms & women who are diagnosed with tumor in estrogen sensitive organs.  

60 caps x 250mg

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好评! Review by Sharon
吃了几个月皮肤变滑了,也帮助我丰胸!效果很好 (Posted on 7/5/2016)

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