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1. How to register?

Step 1: Click Login / Signup.

Step 2: Select a login method.

a. Login by Facebook

b. Login by Baizigui account

Step 3: Please choose a method to signup for baizigui account.

Step 4: Please fill in your personal emails and information,after then click submit the form.

- First time registered user will rewarded with a RM10 cash coupon.

- Congratulation! You had successfully registered as a baizigui member.

- After submit, the website redirect to baizigui personal manage account page.

- RM10 cash coupon will automatic add on to your collect point section once you successfully registered.

Step 5: Please click the address book.

- Please fill in your address and save it.

- We strongly suggest you to fill in your company address so you are able to collect your parcels.

- Please save your address

- Congratulation! You have complete register of account! You may enjoy your shopping now! thank you!

2. How to buy products?

Step 1: Please click your favourite product that you desire to purchase.

Step 2: Add product to your shopping cart.

Step 3: Please click on shopping cart manage page.

Step 4: Please double confirm these products that you want to purchase

- Before proceed to billing page

- You can decide whether to redeem these reward points or not.

- If you want to redeem reward points on this bill, you can fill-in these amount of reward points that you want to redeem, then click apply points button.

- Congratulation! You had successfully applied reward point on your bill. After then, please click 'Process to Checkout' button.

Step 5: It will redirect to checkout page.

- Please double confirm your delivery address

- After then click place order

3. How to do payment?

Step 1: It will redirect to online payment page.

- Please fill-in your bank account information.

Bank Country: Malaysia / Non-Malaysia

Bank Name: Your bank name (For example: Maybank, CIMB Bank, Public Bank and etc)

Step 2: Please double confirm your bank account information and tick the 'Terms of Service & Privacy Policy'.

- After then click Pay Online。

- If you choose to use online transfer, please click the 'PaymentOptions' and choose the online payment that you prefer to use it,system will automatically redirect to the online banking page for your payment.

Congratulation!You're just successfully done your first shopping in our baizigui e-shop, Have a nice day!:)