Skin Care

Availability in Malaysia Only
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HealthWest Pure Ionic Silver is specifically designed to entirely overcome the inherent limitations of colloidal silver technology and provide a pure Silver Ion solution with a built-in delivery mechanism to shield it from chloride and other salts in the body, enabling it to be delivered intact to where it is needed.

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Skin problems eg. Dry & itchy skin, Pimples & acnes
Fungal infected skin eg. Athlete’s foot
Insect bites & Stings 
Contains more than 50% Eosungcho herb extract
Safe for newborns & children

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ERA VCO VIRGIN COCONUT OIL SPRAY contains pure, premium quality of virgin coconut oil is very safe, pore friendly and its lauric acids are a normal component of human skin's barrier. VCO is not just preventing water loss, whereas its can do much and has natural antiviral properties.