Ban Kah Chai

HK Ban Kah Chai Medical Factory Sdn. Bhd. is founded in 1977. It is more than 30 years history Chinese Medical manufacture engaged in producing Chinese Medical. The company not only reserved the special featured and connotation of traditional Chinese Medicine, but also combines modern technology & current lifestyle.

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Nourish Liver and Kidney After enhancing stomach and spleen functions, liver and kidneys can be nourished to ensure better nutrition absorption and proper digestion, so as to secrete adequate nutrition enriched milk for breast feeding. Strong and healthy liver and kidneys can give rise to strong bones and tendons. This can prevent wind and moisture from invading the body, thereby preventing rheumatism for the future.

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Recuperate Spleen and Stomach BKC’s “Golden Second Week” confinement care package is specially designed for the recuperation of spleen and stomach in order to enhance the capability of nutrition absorption and to improve the body metabolism and detoxification function. The second week formula will help on increasing breastmilk, intestinal movement, hemostasis and blood nourishment.

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BKC’s “Golden First Week” confinement care package has selected several tonics according to the Traditional Chinese Medical Theory which are suitable for postnatal care at the early stage after delivery, and being effective in assisting the discharge of lochia and the reduction of pain caused by uterine contractions, achieving the dual effect of repairing the uterus and controlling postpartum weight, which is the most important first step of confinement care.

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Ban Kah Chai Baby Series Confinement Package contains a range of products that baby needs during confinement period. Baby's health is the greatest comfort to parents.

Package Contains of :
• Ban Kah Chai Poh Eng Tan ( 2 Box )
• Ban Kah Chai Confinement Herbal Bath (Baby Series)
• Ban Kah Chai Su Ho Oil
• Woman Healthcare Manual