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Vitality tea is made with various nourishing plant powders with the addition of dried korean dates and sesame seed to enhance the flavour and nutritional value.It promote overall health by promoting smooth blood flow,keeping the body warm,balanced and vitalized.

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Eosungcho Ferment is packed with varioys fermented whole food nutrients that work together to supply nutrients to nourish cells and at the same time clears away the wastes from cells,improves blood circulation and energizers the body naturally.Once the cells become healthy,it facilitates healthy body metabolism and digestion functions thus making food nutrients easily absorbed by the body bringing the body back to vitality.

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Jang Saeng Bo means nourishing body to promote longevity in Chinese and Korean translation.It is formulated with varioys type of fermented mushrooms and other plant based ingredients,promoting balancing of all body systems and bringing the body back to vitality