Available in Malaysia Only
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Era Bentong Ginger jujube Tea is using special selected ginger that grown in pristine mountainous area situated at Bukit Tinggi,Bentong,Pahang Malaysia. Bentong ginger contains higher gingerol among others.With its unique affluence spice content;it is also name as the 'King of Ginger'. Era Bentong Ginger Jujube Tea made a tasty, aromatic tea and making it the ideal beverage for young and old,especially physical deficiency,pale face and poor digestive system.This recipe helps to promote blood and qi circulation,therefore best for prenatal and postpartum women.

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Traditionally used for reducing phlegm and for relieving cough.It helps to improve the respiratory system function and ensure the smooth flow of qi that is vital for robust health.

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Era Bazhan Ginseng Soup is the culmination of high standards of science research. Its convenient and hygienic packaging is suitable for the modern woman's fast pace of living, unlike traditional tonics which yields a large pot when cooked. Its compact volume also comes with the benefits of high and lasting efficacy, and is good for carrying around, consumption and storage, etc. Ladies, all you need is a bowl of rice or 180ml of boiling water, add in ERA Bazhan Ginseng Soup to mix and you can enjoy the goodness of this soup that is the secret of mothers!