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The most natural way to sweeten your food and beverage.A hybrid option between regular sugar and sweetener.Contemporary Swiss German Advanced Technology is used to create special sugar profile with lowest calories and carbohydrates. 20g of Hanker's Suisse Sugar Diet has the equivalent sweetness of 100g of regular sugar.

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Balung products are planted from volcanic soil,organic, pure& natural. To ensure high quality and maintain standards, all our teas are planted,processed and packed in our facilities.Our special teas offer a number of traditional health remedies and a refreshing unique alternative to your normal cup of tea.

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Golden Eye Patch is using pure Chinese medicine medical grade formula;the active ingredients have a strong penetration through the acupoints and skin.It's able to clear liver removed heatiness,brighten the eyes,ease eye sore,promote good blood circulation,clear blood clot,promote internal metabolism of the eye,enhance antioxidant,provide enough nutrition for eye ciliary muscle, so that the eyes can slowly restore elasticity,it promotes good water flow,moisten the cornea,while getting through the eye meridian veins.To achieve a therapeutic effect,it allows the eyes to have an all rounded recuperate.

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ABM is the most potent among the medicinal mushrooms. It has the highest concentration of beta-glucans. With a total of 192 phytonutrients, ABM is packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants and most of all, its exceptionally rich beta-glucan content. ABM ranked top in its effectiveness in regulating the immune system and promoting natural mechanisms to battle cancer and other diseases.