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Han Secrets Beauty Essence Oil made of excellent herbs from Tibet and high quality camellia oil, the Beauty Essence Oil is perfect for improving skin impurities, freckles, dark circles and eye bags. This classic essence oil may solve most of the skin trouble and have amazing effect of anti-aging. Specially presented for the beautiful you.


Available in Malaysia only
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By selecting fruits and vegetables with plenty of polyphenols for deep fermentation in association with precious collagen and calcium lactate added, the lady multi-phyto fermented liquid is a exclusive formulated supplement specific to outer youth and inner health for ladies. Having the liquid day by day tones your skin in a mild and subtle manner and renders resilience, rosiness and gloss to your skin, making you enjoy a bright and splendid look each day!

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Tongkat Ali, a wild shrub , also known as Malaysian ginseng and scientifically named as Eurycoma longifolia Jack, is commonly grown on the wet sandy soil in the virgin rainforest of Southeast Asia near the equator. It is named as "herb with therapuetic effects for thousand diseases” and shares equal popularity with bird's nest and pewter art as one of “the three treasures of Malaysia”.