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Over the years, millions of customers from all over the world have endorsed Baofuling Compound Camphor Cream to treat mosquito-bites, itching, burns, eczema and various skin diseases. Keep a Camphor cream at home to treat accidental burns. Test

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FRESH IN CHITOSAN CLEANING POWDER from Shirley’s Home has made used of the ultra-low water solubility material~~ the chitosan ingredients which come from the Matsuba crabs in Tottori Prefecture. Only the chitosan which has been extracted using the patented Japanese extracting technology could be applied on various kind of ingredients. The chitosan would absorb the preservative and antibiotics from meats and seafood thus eliminate the harmful substances out of them during the soaking and washing process. In this way, it prevents our body from absorbing contaminated substances which leads to a variety of illnesses.

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WEICARE® is a Herbal Supplement for Stomach Care that processed through the latest technology innovation. This very unique formulation helps regulate the secretion of gastric juice and maintain the balance of gastric pH in order to reduce the discomfort caused by stomach acid.In addition, the natural ingredients will also help repair the damaged gastric mucosa and balance the metabolism of stomach.