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Is confinement necessary? 

yes. A new mother experience great changes both mentally and physically during pregnancy as well as after giving birth. Her uterine function, energy, joints would take time to recover to the prenatal state. 

The essence of any confinement practice is mainly to prevent “wind” from entering the body, and also to get as much rest as you can. It is said that during childbirth, your body is exposed to chill leaving it in a vulnerable state. Therefore, during confinement, food is always prepared warmth with “heaty” ingredients that provide warmth to the body, as well as help to expel wind. Ginger and red dates are frequently used as these two ingredients are known to have “heaty” elements and can help in replenishing blood.

Confinement is necessary to allow mother to fully recuperate after child delivery. The key to a successful confinement recovery is to eat the right food and herbs at the appropriate time. All mothers are encouraged to have good quality rest during confinement period which is between 6 to 8 weeks ideally.

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Vinest bird’s nest is desirability fragrant and rich in protein with an exceptionally smooth and translucent texture. Every piece is a whole-piece bird’s nest meticulously cleaned by hand, ready to be double-boiled and made into any fine delicacy. For youthful exuberance, savour this bird’s nest regularly.

30g (4 pieces)

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Drip Essence of Chicken is extracted from 100 days Taiwan black-feathered chicken by using advanced technologies to remove the poultry smell from chicken but retaining the tastiness of pure chicken essence. Every pouch of Drip Essence of Chicken s guaranteed to be 100% natural – made of pure chicken essence extract, with no added preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings or colourings.

Packing: 50ml x 6 servings

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Recuperate Spleen and Stomach BKC’s “Golden Second Week” confinement care package is specially designed for the recuperation of spleen and stomach in order to enhance the capability of nutrition absorption and to improve the body metabolism and detoxification function. The second week formula will help on increasing breastmilk, intestinal movement, hemostasis and blood nourishment.

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Sung Khong Chui Fong So Ho Wan traditionally used for cold and to expel wind from the body especially for new mothers after childbirth, symptomatic relief of stomachache, headache, mild vomiting and cough.

4gm x 6‘s

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Era Bentong Ginger jujube Tea is using special selected ginger that grown in pristine mountainous area situated at Bukit Tinggi,Bentong,Pahang Malaysia. Bentong ginger contains higher gingerol among others.With its unique affluence spice content;it is also name as the 'King of Ginger'. Era Bentong Ginger Jujube Tea made a tasty, aromatic tea and making it the ideal beverage for young and old,especially physical deficiency,pale face and poor digestive system.This recipe helps to promote blood and qi circulation,therefore best for prenatal and postpartum women.


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By selecting fruits and vegetables with plenty of polyphenols for deep fermentation in association with precious collagen and calcium lactate added, the lady multi-phyto fermented liquid is a exclusive formulated supplement specific to outer youth and inner health for ladies. Having the liquid day by day tones your skin in a mild and subtle manner and renders resilience, rosiness and gloss to your skin, making you enjoy a bright and splendid look each day!