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10’s (de-tense) connotes the action of releasing bodily or mental tension. For stress, it’s very difficult to make an accurate prognosis based on ‘lifestyles’, ‘psychological factors’ or ‘hormonal imbalance’. Medically, it is hard to classify it as a type of ‘disease’. Given the fact it’s not a disease by nature, treating it with medication, fundamentally, may be inappropriate.

Bear in mind that ‘stress’ provokes ‘imbalance’! The good news is that there’s always a way to take good care of your mental health with the correct concept in mind.


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Bio Delta Dendrobium Officinale Capsule traditionally used to delay aging, anti-fatigue, improve memory, enhance resistance; improve sleep, prevent colds; treat loss of appetite, lower blood sugar; relieve visual fatigue and other diseases.

60s X 300mg

Buy 2 for RM50
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Balung Organic Moringa Leaf Tea are planted from volcanic soil,organic, pure& natural. To ensure high quality and maintain standards, all our teas are planted,processed and packed in our facilities.Our special teas offer a number of traditional health remedies and a refreshing unique alternative to your normal cup of tea.

15 sachets

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SOD Tea,Traditionally used for to enhance Body Antioxidants,To Relieve Insomnia, Stomach Cramps, Allergies, Nervous Tension,Headache, Sensitive Skin and Other Skin Problems.

2.5gm x 20's x 1 Box