List of products by brand Sung Khong

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Traditionally used for relieving phlegm, mild vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, cold, cough and night cry for children.Sung Khong Zhen Jing Wan is an ancient formula for young children. Used to calm fright and settles convulsions in children. The pure natural herbs in this product are ideal for good health. Babies are delicate being who are sensitive towards their surroundings. They are easily stimulated by sights and sounds, causing night cries. Sung Khong Zhen Jing Wan helps calm their nerves, in addition to relieving mild diarrhoea, mild cold and phlegm.

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Sung Khong Propolis Ulmoides Emulsion

Propolis, wild honey and eucommia ulmoides. It is a most perfect combination which allows us to keep in healthy condition by helping body activation. Helps improve the body immunity, to prevent colds, cancer, aging and cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure.  It also help in strengthen liver and kidney function.