Eye Disease

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Fresh Medlar Powder suitable for stay up all night long, work overtime, have low physical resistance, sub-healthy people, postpartum mothers, diabetes, fatty liver, alcoholic liver, early recovery from serious illness, patients with hepatitis.

130g/ 5gX26 sachets

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Bio Energy Bilberry Supplement for Vision Improvement & Skin Health

The presence of other nutritious ingredients such as Greengage, Raspberry and Marigold boast a number of health benefits – including promoting skin health, improving overall eye-health, boosting the immune system, preventing indigestion and great for other health issues.

12 bottles x 10ml / box

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For eyes with retinopathy. Presbyopia, Glaucoma, Floaters Vitreous opacity, Macular degeneration, Optic nerve atrophy Eye dryness, Itching, Soreness, Pain, Tears, Keratitis Hyperopia Trachoma and other symptoms, Vision loss. Amblyopia, Juvenile pseudo-myopia, and Conjunctivitis

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Golden Eye Patch is using pure Chinese medicine medical grade formula;the active ingredients have a strong penetration through the acupoints and skin.It's able to clear liver removed heatiness,brighten the eyes,ease eye sore,promote good blood circulation,clear blood clot,promote internal metabolism of the eye,enhance antioxidant,provide enough nutrition for eye ciliary muscle, so that the eyes can slowly restore elasticity,it promotes good water flow,moisten the cornea,while getting through the eye meridian veins.To achieve a therapeutic effect,it allows the eyes to have an all rounded recuperate.