About BaiZiGui

Bai Zi Gui is Malaysia’s first online platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our website was inaugurated in July 2014 with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and registered practitioners in both Singapore and Malaysia. The Bai Zi Gui team consists of TCM enthusiasts who are passionate about promoting natural healing methods and healthy lifestyle attitudes. Our name literally refers to the medicine cabinets that are a hallmark of Chinese medical halls. By naming ourselves thus, we hope to become both an online storage facility for TCM clinics and also the go-to encyclopedia for health-conscious web users.

Besides offering premium health products, we want to provide web users with useful information on health, introduce our team of highly qualified TCM physicians and also present a convenient way of obtaining medicinal prescriptions. Currently our website stocks hundreds of different products, namely Chinese herbal remedies, honey, bird’s nest, nourishing soups, health supplements and scented teas, etc. We are continuously sourcing for more products to expand our repertory.

Our mission is to be the choice website for health products and supplements in Malaysia. To date, we have grown our business to an impressive scale in the industry and earned the positive feedback of many Chinese medical clinics and product manufacturers. Bai Zi Gui's products are not only of the highest quality- our prices are 20-30% lower than those found in usual Chinese medical halls. Furthermore, we have also received the tangible support of over 30 Chinese medical clinics in Malaysia that have agreed to produce value goods at lower prices for the benefit of our members – truly allowing us to accomplish our vision of “Wellness at a swipe”.

Bai Zi Gui team is proud to be interviewed by Ai-FM, Radio TV Malaysia (RTM), one of the famous radio stations in Malaysia. 

Bai Zi Gui's founder was interviewed by reporters from Oriental Daily News (東方日報) one of Malaysia's daily Chinese-language newspapers.