Our Brands Story

Bai Zi Gui is the brainchild of three TCM enthusiasts, who have up to a decade of experience each in the marketing of TCM. One of the founders grew up in a family of TCM practitioners and came into contact with TCM early on in life. With the support of his father, a veteran specialist with over 40 years of clinical experience, this founder and his partners gathered a team of like-minded TCM physicians to work towards using the internet as a platform to introduce TCM to the young and web-savvy generation. Their mission is to deepen the younger generation's understanding of TCM, enable them to contact TCM professionals easily with technology and to provide comprehensive consultation and treatment services offline too.

Bai Zi Gui's trademark depicts medicine cabinets found in Chinese medicine halls, which combined with our name in ancient Chinese characters, gives it a classical look with an innovative twist. Bai Zi Gui's slogan ''Wellness at a Swipe'' embodies our aim of enabling web users to gain convenient access to informative tips and advice on health-related topics and to contact TCM physicians easily via our platform using the medium of technology. Good health is attainable with Bai Zi Gui.

Bai Zi Gui is also proud to introduce new products from our house brand including the nourishing soup and herbal tea series. These nourishing soups use only the highest-grade ingredients in the market, and are specially formulated according to the tastes, preferences and bodily constitution of Malaysians, hence are highly recommended by many TCM specialists. We strive to bring only the best and most reasonably priced products to our members, so you can consume our nourishing soups with peace of mind. The other new product range – scented teas – come in good-to-go sachets sealed with premium herbs, at once a convenient and nutritious drink for the health-conscious generation that is often rushed for time.